QS Network


The QS in Science project attracted international attention with academics from numerous countries seeking on-going project information. A QS in Science network was formed with participants receiving regular QS in Science Updates. The network comprised over 300 people from multiple countries and disciplines.

I believe your focus on quantitative skills in science is timely and targets precisely a very significant need that must be addressed in science curricula.” – Jim Gentile, President of Research Corporation for Science Advancement, 2009

Dissemination Group

The dissemination group comprises high profile leaders in the area with extensive networks based around key professional organisations. They play an important role in supporting the QS in Science project by providing expert, high-impact advice. As the project unfolds the dissemination group will circulate and distribute key, on-going project findings via professional organisations. Additionally, the group will attend and participate in the QS in Science International Symposium in 2012 and provide representation of key stakeholder groups within Australia and abroad.

David Adams
Director of Centre for BioSciences
Dr David J Adams’ profile

Bill Barton
Professor of Mathematics Education
President, International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)
Bill Barton’s profile

Geoff Crisp
Professor of Chemistry
Former President, Higher Education Research and Development Society Australasia
Geoff Crisp’s profile

Jim Gentile
Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular BiophysicsPresident and CEO of Research Corporation for Science Advancement, USA
Jim Gentile’s profile

Merrilyn Goos
Professor of Mathematics Education
President of Mathematics Education and Research Group Australasia (MERGA)
Merrilyn Goos’ profile

Cathy Foley
Deputy Chief – Science, CSIRO and Former President of Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS)
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Helen MacGillivray
Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Former President of the International Association of Statistical Education
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John Rice
Professor of Mathematics
Executive Director, Australian Council of Deans of Science
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Australia’s capacity to innovate is compromised by our inability to train scientist and science teachers; a fundamental contributor to this problem is our inability to properly integrate quantitative skills into science curriculum, and the consequential line of reasoning that mathematics can be sidelined in science.” -  Professor Stuart Campbell, Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching, UWS

Reference Group

The reference group will provide ongoing advice as the project unfolds and raise any concerns regarding achievement of outcomes or about the general direction of the project. The reference group will also attend and participate in the QS in Science International Symposium in 2012 and the launch of the QS in Science Network.

Karen Burke da Silva
Lecturer in Biological Sciences
ALTC Project Leader and Biology Director for ASELL (Advancing Science Education through Laboratory Learning)
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Stuart Campbell
Former Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at University of Western Sydney
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Mick McManus
Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic
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Nick Szorenyi-Reischl
Director, Teaching and Learning Development, James Cook University
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